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Nerva – Your Business’ Nervous System
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“Nerva Solutions

 Full Bookkeeping

Recording the company’s daily financial transactions.

Accounting &
Financial Advisory

Organizing and automatically collecting all business tax transactions and recording financial transactions.


ERP Systems

In an ERP system, all the processes of an organization are integrated into one.

What is Nerva?

Nerva’s brand name defines what we exist to offer which is acting as the nervous system for small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) customizing plans for different pillars of the business resulting in guaranteeing efficiency.Facilitating management and financial processes and implementing ERP systems and technologies that are the roots which will help in blooming uprising business.


The corporation’s launching event in Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo announcing the presence of Nerva in Egypt.

The event was attended by Mr Al-Hussain Al-Deghreer Founder of Nerva and Mr Mohamed Samir Co-Founder. The event was attended by some of Nerva’s partners including the CEO of KHP marketing agency Mr Kareem Hamed and CEO  of Talent360 Ms. Heba Ayaad.

The evening was conducted to introduce Nerva in it’s new market with introductory speeches and HR activities in addition to addressing  the company’s core values and explaining the company’s identity.