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ERP Systems Implementation

“ERP Systems Implementation

In an ERP system, all the processes of an organization are
integrated into one. In this way, organizations can manage
their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Nerva’s ERP solutions and tools use intelligent technologies to help you transform your mission-critical processes and rapidly adapt to change for your SMES. Stay on the cutting edge with continuous updates, scale easily, cut costs, and gain new efficiencies.

Built-in machine learning, digital aid, and proceeding analytics persistent innovation and updates delivered via the cloud.

An ERP system is flexible, scalable, and maintenance-free
platform Fast deployment and ease of use on any device

Odoo Services

Odoo’s  system service depends on various features in different areas of a business which provides you with assistance in management and development our features tackle many departments in a business such as:


We will help in automatically syncing your bank statements with your bank.


CRM is a customer-centric software that tracks leads, and opportunities.

Websites & E-Commerce

We can help you build a modern website for your business.

Inventory & MRP

Our modern online warehouse management .

Human Resources

Our HR solutions helps in managing your employees’and attendance. 


With marketing services, you can manage social media.

 Odoo Projects

A modern interface that helps you manage your project.

Odoo Documents

Improve communication among your team. Group and private chat.